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The Magic of Innovation: Integrative Trends in Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching

The Magic of Innovation

The Conference programme will include the following sessions:

Session 1: Text and Discourse Theories: Exploring ‘New Territories’;

Session 2: Political Discourse Analysis: Multidisciplinarity and Diversity;

Session 3: Cognition and Communication: A New Paradigm for Studying Linguistic Units;

Session 4: Cross-cultural Communication: Language and Methodology

Session 5: Foreign Language Teaching at University: Old Problems and New Challenges;

Session 6: Modern Approaches in Teaching Foreign Languages for Specific and Academic Purposes;

Session 7: Information Technologies: New Horizons and Opportunities in Foreign Language Teaching;

Session 8a: Translation Theory and Practice;

Session 8b: Methodology of Teaching Translation: Current Issues and Ways Forward.

Location: Moscow